LocalBuyy is a Local B2B & B2C e-commerce Platform Where you can Buy & Sell any Products/Services Online.  Till now, We had added more than 30+ Categories along with Subcategories & still, we are adding on in order to create a unique Business Ecosystem where each and every Sellers/Buyers can come under a single platform.


At LocalBuyy we don't only List Your Business or Create your Free Store but also promote it on different social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etcetera so that your Business gets more sale and a Strong Brand in your Locality.


Please Don't worry if you don't know how to Open your Dukaan on LocalBuyy, because it's very simple and takes only 1 min of your time.

Just follow along the Steps given Below:


  1. Click on Add Business
  2. Signup Using Google
  3. Fill Your Business Details
  4. Upload Business Image


Congratulations Now Your Digital Dukaan is Online


Who can Use the LocalBuyy Android App?

LocalBuyy Android App can be used by anyone who wants to Sell their Products online (like traders, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and established brands) as well as those who want Deals & Discounts in their nearby location.


What are the categories in LocalBuyy?


  1. Clothing 
  2. Electronics 
  3. School & College
  4. Grocery 
  5. Salon
  6. Footwear 
  7. Restaurants 
  8. Hotels
  9. GYM
  10. Jewellery Store 
  11. Medical
  12. Doctor
  13. Music and Dance 
  14. Real Estate 
  15. Shopping Mall 
  16. Digital Marketing Agency 
  17. Hardware Stores 
  18. Event decor


We will also try Add Your Category if You don't find a match for your business on LocalBuyy, all you have to do is, contact us at [email protected]


What Features do LocalBuyy provides?

There are lots of features provided by LocalBuyy like:


  1. FREE Business Listing
  2. Show Your Business Location
  3. Buyers Will directly contact to Seller via Whatsapp
  4. Business Opening & Closing Timing Facility
  5. Add Products & Catalogues
  6. Edit Published Product Price
  7. Turn on or off product availability
  8. Delete products & Businesses anytime
  9. Product Share on Social media
  10. Ratings & Reviews of your Store Performance
  11. Billing Software
  12. View real time Leads for your business
  13. Admin Dashboard
  14. Get your Own Android App(apk) for your Store (Coming soon….)


You can easily manage your Online Store using your Smartphone or Computer.


How  to Search Nearby Dukaan Deals


To search nearby deals & Discounts, you need to follow these steps;


  1. Download & Install LocalBuyy  App
  2. Turn On Your GPS Location or you can search your Own location manually
  3. Now you can see the best deals & discounts near you
  4. Click on the Product you want to buy
  5. See the Business & Product details (message on Whatsapp in case you need more details)
  6. Click on Add to cart (Coming soon….)
  7. Place your Details (Coming soon….)
  8. Checkout (Coming soon….)
  9. Use COD (Coming soon….)
  10. Now wait till the Seller accepts your order
  11. You can also see the Time when you get the delivery


If you face any Problem, Please Contact the respective Business/Seller or mail us at [email protected]





Trust me, LocalBuyy is a very useful app for those who have small & medium scale businesses and want to extend their Business to the entire new buyers, increase their sales & want to promote their Products Online. This app empowers Business Owners to manage their business very easily and also build a trustworthy brand in their locality. This will open a whole new possibilities for your business. 


अब आप भी  दे अपने Business को उची Udaan , आज ही  खोले अपना Online Dukaan 🛍️ on LOCALBUYY.COM


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